All costs lie in the future. The anticipation of future consequences shapes people’s decisions. So, you're planning for your lessons for the start of the new term (because teachers do not take 6 weeks off during the summer, do they?) It’s impossible to make meaningful life decisions just by using a simple formula, but opportunity cost and cost/benefit analyses can both be used as … Opportunity cost. Or the marginal cost of an extra berry is 1/20 of a rabbit. Opportunity Cost Assume that you would engage in all of the following activities. a) I, II and III. Opportunity cost EXERCISE 1. Opportunity cost only measures direct monetary costs. 4 in the book (Chapter 1). Conduct a discussion with the large group: (See overhead transparency.) e. The synthetic production of Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) allows dairy farmers to get twice as much milk from each cow. III. Opportunity cost accounts for alternative uses of resources such as time and money. Opportunity costs may change and changes in costs affect people’s choices. Only actions have costs. In terms of this production possibility frontier, this means that this economy can now produce twice as much milk at each level of car output. and your first topic is the Economic Problem and opportunity cost. Assume that the average total income of an 18-24 year old high school graduate who worked full-time is $24,000. Opportunity Cost Is Not Always Figured In. Academic year. Exercises 1.2. Swinburne University of Technology. In this economics learning exercise, 12th graders respond to 15 multiple choice questions about production possiblities and opportunity costs. Dayne Lee. Course. Posted on December 2, 2020 by . University. Page 14, Ex. Exercises marked with ―*‖ sign are more complicated than the rest. Answer: Fly to Colorado for a quick sky trip. 2017/2018 ... Now calculate the opportunity cost of lifestyle depicted in the table, if a minimum monthly wage is €700. Which of the following statements about opportunity cost is TRUE? opportunity cost calculation exercises. I. Use the information on college costs shown below to calculate the average opportunity cost of a year in college for a student at a four-year public institution. The Opportunity Cost of Home Ownership Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Practice Questions 2 - Opportunity Cost and Trade Practice question with answers. Then consider what else you could be doing with your time or money if you decided not to engage in those activities. The opportunity cost of 20 more berries is 1 rabbit, but if you assume that this is somewhat linear right over here-- it's not so curved, it's somewhat of a line between those 2 points-- then the opportunity cost of 1 berry is 1/20 of a rabbit. There is no specifically defined or agreed on mathematical formula to calculate opportunity cost, but there are ways to think about opportunity costs in a mathematical way. 1. EXERCISE 2. Economic Principles (ECO10004) Uploaded by. The opportunity cost of additional 20,000 gallons of milk is 1,000 cars. II. Opportunity cost is equal to implicit costs plus explicit costs. Of course, what makes this year different is that the Economics A Level teacher is now thinking about the use of quantitative methods all of the time (aren't you?). b) I c) III only. Get Free Access See Review. Finally, choose your next best option in order to determine the opportunity cost for you for each activity. “Things” have no cost independent of decisions about their use. ... including how to calculate opportunity cost and graph curves by using a table or calculation. Activity % of a daytime TV and video 8 Free time 17 Eating 7 Sleep 36 Household work 15