Many hunters start their hobby with a variable pump model. Crosman Optimus Combo Features. Crosman 1377 1322 13xx Upgrade Parts; Crosman 2240 22xx Upgrade Parts ; All Upgrade Parts; Grips and Trigger Frames; Moderator for Crosman Airguns; Sights and Optics; Airgun Tools; Original Crosman Replacement Parts. Raden1942. Optimus Model CO1K77/CO1K77X.177 cal Air Rifle OWNER’S MANUAL READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS IN THIS MANUAL BEFORE USING THIS AIRGUN Crosman Corporation 7629 Rts. AIRGUN SOURCE CANADA. The barrel incorporates a micro-adjustable rear sight & fibre optic sight. This airgun is recommended for adult use only. After putting the stock on I found that the gun won’t cock even though I can pull the barrel all the way down. It is … Crosman Optimus 1000 Repair Kit We have put this repair kit together for the Crosman Optimus 1000 Break-Barrel Rifles and contains the following components: Mainspring Piston Piston Seal Breech Seal Skip to the end of the images gallery Merseyside. _____ "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." April 11, 2019 at 1:27 pm Link. CROSMAN VANTAGE NTRO PISTON AIR RIFLE PERFECT FOR PLINKING OR PEST CONTROL 70% QUIETER THAN MOST BREAK BARRELS! Crosman Pellgun Oil Co2 Pistol Rifle Pellet Lube 7.39ml Tube. Delrin rear block & spring guide ( machined all in one guide replaces factory block & guide) Delrin Piston Slip/Spacer washers x 2 Delrin Power-Bands x 3. Many of these parts kits fit several different Crosman air rifles, including the following models: Quest 1000; Storm XT; TAC 1 Extreme; Phantom 1000; Optimus; TR77; They also fit Remington Summit air rifles. Crosman Air Rifles. We have seen Crosman market this Gamo copy with various stock configurations over more than a dozen years. Aftermarket triggers are also popular. M485 - 2240 main tube (Crosman part number 2240-003) £11.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY OR COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP IN PERSON. The Crosman Optimus -.177 is a single-shot, break barrel air gun, which means that only one shot can be fired per trigger pull. Many years ago I had the Canadian detuned Crosman Quest that was pretty much identical to the Optimus, except for the stock contours. Participant. 5 & 20 Bloomfield, NY 14469 USA 800-7-AIRGUN Made in China CO1K77-515 Not a toy. CROSMAN OPTIMUS .22 AIR RIFLE £195. 4.7 out of 5 stars (52) Total ratings 52, 100% agree - Would recommend. Most will swap a quest 1000 spring and piston. It just goes to show what can be achieved with some proper elbow grease, and some ingenuity. Items 1-24 of 1577. In the spring-piston air rifle, there is a cylinder and a coiled spring inside the chamber. With a relatively light cocking force and a two-stage trigger, the Optimus is built to get the job done. View as Grid List. M481 - The major working components of a Crosman 766 pump up rifle, no pressure bearing components, metal receiver block and all the other bits and pieces. The Crosman Optimus .22 uses pellets as its only source of ammunition. Shop for Crosman product and parts at the official Crosman Canada online store. I wanted to see what could actually be ahieved with a relatively cheap, inexpensive Ching-Chong springer, as well as using it as a test-mule for future tests of different tuning techniques. HARDWOOD STOCK WITH TWIN RAISED CHEEK PIECES … Top . New. Spring-piston; Breakbarrel; Single-shot; 11mm Dovetail Scope Grooves; Fiber optic sights with Fully Adjustable Rear Sights; Ambidextrous Wood Stock ; 2-Stage Adjustable Trigger; Includes 4x32 CenterPoint Optics scope & rings (unmounted) Click here for California's Proposition 65 warning. very nice air rifle for 99 dollars and in 22 cal. I then found that the gun cocks and shoots fine without the stock. The Ruger Yukon is one of the more feature-oriented and budget-friendly gas-piston air rifles, but... Crosman Optimus .177 Review. Ok so I have a 1322 I want to mod to the max. at 500fps and under you want to fling the biggest hunk of lead you can for the most punch on impact .177 just doesnt hit hard enough at legal limits. The Welsh Willy Crosman Phantom / Optimus / Quest. I have to say I think this pellet gun is a great air rifle for critter control. Steel Inner Piston Sleeve. Trade Seller. Besides, it also has lots of takedown power to finish an animal in one quick, clean shot, so .22 is your best choice to protect your garden from pests. This bolt-action rifle has a rifled steel barrel for accuracy, and it is capable of discharging both pellets and BB’s. Optimus .22 Spring-Piston Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope (CO8M22X) by Crosman®. I've tackled a similar project, with a Crosman Optimus as my base. .22 pellets are heavier and have a larger diameter than .177. Our air power rifle armory has a wide variety of air rifle equipment to shred paper targets, teach new shooters, send spinners spinning, eliminate pests and so … Even Remington grabbed onto the B18 with their nice looking Summit rifle. We have seen it called the Quest, Phantom, Fury, Vantage, and a few other names. think i would be a good first step up for youth This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. With a relatively light cocking force and a two-stage adjustable trigger the Optimus is built to get the job done with velocities of up to 950 fps with alloy pellets. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost Crosman Vantage NP has a caliber (the internal diameter of the bore) of .177 ( 4.5 millimeter). You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; Show. And we know that spring-piston air-rifles are the simplest air-rifles to shoot, keep up and possess. i own one and love it. The spring-piston Crosman Optimus is basically the Chinese made Xisico B18 rifle with a bit of a facelift. Parts Kits for Crosman break barrel spring/piston and gas ram air rifles. This airgun is powered by Nitro Piston Technology. The NEW Optimus break barrel is both powerful and elegant. £200 US$270/€220. Likes : 0 | Subscribe. Crosman Optimus Break barrel is a spring-powered air rifle. Manufacturer Crosman; Caliber.177; Velocity … Delrin Top-Hat . The barrel incorporates a micro-adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight. Buttons on this model won't help help with repairs or break in so Crosman won't do it unless they think it'll boost sales enough to make a profit. M484 - 2240 tube end plug (Crosman part number 2250-004) £11.28. Safety: Lever. Both left and right-handed shooters will find the variable pump action easy to operate. 4.9 out of 5 stars (18) Total ratings 18, 100% agree - Would recommend. Crosman Domed .22 Air Gun Airgun Pellets 500 Tin 14.3gr Pest Control Hunting. Awesome work Mynhardt! Crosman Optimus Review – Canadian Detuned 495 fps Our local Canadian Tire store had the detuned .177cal Crosman Optimus on sale for a reasonable price so I picked one up to tinker with. You will also have to perform a break barrel to cock the gun to shoot again. Optimus Spring-Piston Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope by Crosman®. Was looking at the other Crosman Optimus 1000 & 1200 kits they sell online (Spring, Piston, spring guide). Crosman Venom Dusk Nitro Piston c/w 4x32 Scope Excellent First Gun. Owner's Manual: CVDA515__2___Venom_Series.pdf: Parts Diagram: CVW8M22NP_EVP___PL.pdf 611 Neal Drive Peterborough, Ontario Canada K9J 6X7 1-800-565-9527 [email protected] Misuse or care WARNING: - less use may cause serious … The rifle can do velocities of 660 feet per second with BB’s and 625 feet per second with .177 pellets. i have my PAL so i bought a $110 walmart phantom.22 did the piston mod so she shoots around 850fps and cant be happier with the gun. per page. Air Rifles. The new Optimus break barrel is both powerful and elegant. It features a handsome, ambidextrous hardwood stock. Spring Grease. After fooling with it for a while I gave up with it and put the gun back together. A bit more power might be possible with the 36 coil (.122") spring but it would likely be harsh. The metal work on … £5.00 New . £13.39 New. - Thomas Jefferson. By varying the spacer thickness I was able to get 600 to 745 fps. I'm reviewing the Crosman Optimus air rifle. Crosman 1399 Custom Shoulder Stock. I have the de-tuned Crosman Optimus .177 spring piston break barrel. Please read the detailed description provided on the product page provided for each kit. 100 Owner's Manual (1942-1951) 101 Owner's Manual (1925-1951) 102 Owner's Manual (1926-1951) 104 Owner's Manual (1942-1950) 107 / 108 Owner's Manual (1949) 1077 Owner's Manual & EVP (1994-1998) See all 167 articles Crosman Air Pistols. I uptuned a .177cal Crosman Optimus that had a 170mm non-vented piston rather than the full power 150mm piston. It features a handsome, ambidextrous hardwood stock.